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Weekend for Gourmets in Azerbaijan

From $400 / per person

TOUR : Weekend for Gourmets in Azerbaijan
DURATION : 2 nights / 3 days
PRICE : 400 $ (per person when accommodated in a double room)

The above prices valid for the following periods:
– The Novruz holiday period is from 16.03 to 31.03.2018
– The period of the games of Formula 1 – from 20.04 – 30.04.2018
Prices are calculated on request on an individual basis.


Day 1
Arrival in Azerbaijan
Transfer to the hotel

excursion on evening Baku. Acquaintance with the city in the dazzling radiance of modern illumination. The route begins with a mountain park, where a magnificent view of the night city opens, and passes through the main streets of Baku, which, with the onset of darkness, completely changes, brightening with bright lights. Houses and parks seem to wear evening attire to give a holiday to residents and guests of the capital. (If the arrival time allows, at the request of the guests an evening excursion can be held after dinner).
19:00 Dinner. Main course: Fish
In the Baku fishing village of Bibi-Eybat, along the coast, a number of restaurants stretched, here fish dishes are prepared for every taste. And if you have the opportunity to leave the capital, then go to the south of Azerbaijan, to the cities of Astara or Lankaran, where the fish is one of the main ingredients of local cuisine. Here in the tandir prepare an amazing lyavygi, stuffed with a mixture of onions. You can eat Lyavjangi both hot and cold, it is also accepted to serve pilaf. A fish with a nutty flavor will make you return to Azerbaijan – a gourmet paradise all year round.


Weekend for Gourmets in Azerbaijan

Day 2

Breakfast Main course Hash

However, the main autumn-winter dish, of course, is hash, prepared from a mutton or beef leg. Eating khash in Azerbaijan is a special ritual. It is served early in the morning at the weekend in every restaurant. The dish is not filled with any spices and is served to the table separately, as well as chopped garlic, vinegar, pickles, biscuits, dogwood. Fat, hearty and high-calorie hash can satisfy hunger for the whole day.
Departure for the excursion.

The tour begins with a visit to the observation platform of the city, located on a hill park, from where a magnificent view of the whole city opens. Then follows the descent on Funicular Funicular in the coastal park and acquaintance with the modern Mugam center. Mugam is a genre of national music embracing the age-old traditions of the Azerbaijani people. Then you should visit the Old City “Icheri Sheher”. “Icheri Sheher” in translation means the inner city. Internal it became known after the oil boom
mid-XIX century, when the city ceased to fit in the fortress walls and went beyond it. In the territory of “Icheri Sheher”, the area of which is 22 hectares, several dozens of historical and architectural monuments are concentrated, including the Palace of Shirvanshahs, the symbol of the city of Baku – the Maiden Tower, the place of recreation of merchants – Karavansaray. “Icheri Sheher” is a living organism with its own infrastructure and residential areas, where 1,300 families live. In a word, it is an ancient city in a modern city.

Dinner at the restaurant of the Old Town. Main course to choose from: dolma of grape leaves

Weekend for Gourmets in AzerbaijanDolma – a unique dish, which is a grape leaves, stuffed with boiled minced meat from lamb with rice. In the final part of the day, guests will visit the winery in the village of Novkhany. A trip to the winery in the suburb of Baku provides a unique opportunity for everyone to get acquainted personally with the winemaking craft, learn the culture, technology and ancient traditions of the famous Azerbaijani wines, observe the production process skewers of lamb One of the most ancient dishes of the East is lamb kebab. It is considered to be a traditional dish of oriental and Caucasian cuisine. During frying, the meat absorbs the amazing smell of wood, smokes in the smoke, thereby acquiring an amazing aroma and taste. Pickled meat, cooked on wood or coal, can rightly be called a real shish kebab.

Azerbaijan pilaf with chestnuts and meat. This pilaf is a little different from those that are usually used to all tourists who have visited Middle Asia or Turkey. Pilaf with chestnuts is done differently. First, rice is cooked in a special way, and then – accompanying dishes, which are like additives to the king-dish.

dolma from vegetables: eggplant, tomatoes and pepper In Azerbaijan, the same is prepared from such vegetables as eggplant, tomato and sweet pepper. For stuffing use a ram’s stuffing, abundantly flavored with aromatic herbs and spices. Together with any dolma, a “katyk” is always served at the table, in which garlic is often added. Return to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Weekend for Gourmets in Azerbaijan

Day 3
Airport transfer


The tour price includes:
-Transfer 2 nights in the Hotel (3 * – 4 *)
-Lunch (according to the program)
-Dinner (according to the program)
-Transportation service (according to the program)

Not included :
-Entry tickets
-Personal expenses

Weekend for Gourmets in Azerbaijan
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