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from/$27 per person

The origins of the land of fire


Azerbaijan’s nickname, ‘Land of Fire’ is far more than a marketing slogan as you’ll see at these two fascinating sites. Azerbaijan was one of the original homelands of the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism in which flames were seen as a symbol of the divine. And, as though heaven sent, it was a country where fires leapt spontaneously from the ground. And they still do as you’ll see at Yanar Dag (‘Burning Mountain’). While hardly a ‘mountain’, this windswept hillside 25 kilometres northeast of Baku has been burning for as long as anyone can remember, and the fire isn’t showing signs of going out any time soon. It’s an unusual curiosity, but by no means the only fire phenomenon in Azerbaijan.

A relatively short drive to the south of here in the town of Surakhany, Ateshgah is a rare example of a well-preserved fire temple. Restored in the 17th and 18th centuries by Indian merchants its central fire-hearth sits above a natural gas vent and glows with ever –burning flames. Surrounding hermit cells now form a museum and the whole structure is set behind a grand fortress-style gateway.

What’s included

Tour price includes:

  • Comfortable air conditioned transportation
  • Professional Guide Services
  • Entrance fee to Ateshgah Fire Temple
  • Entrance fee to Yanardag

Departures available daily between 10:00 – 15:00

Pricing table:

Number of travelers Price per person in USD
1-2 62
3-5 52
6-8 32
9-10 27



Baku Discovery Tour

Price from $200/per persone


Duration 4 nights/ 5 days

Day 1 First meeting

-Welcome to Baku.

-Meeting guests in the Heydar Aliyev International Airport. Transfer to the hotel. -Check in at the hotel.

We will have a lunch in the national restaurant. Start sightseeing in Baku, covering the following: Medieval fortress of Baku Icheri Sheher (12 – 14 centuries Medieval Fortress).

We will have dinner in restaurant.

Walk along Baku Boulevard the second largest in the world.

Transfer to the hotel. Overnight in Baku



-After breakfast drive to Ateshgah “Fire Temple” which is located in the village of Surakhani. Start Ateshgah excursion.

After Ateshgah excursion drive to The archeological ethnographic museum complex of the castle We will have lunch in local national restaurant

-After lunch we drive to Yanardag (burning hill) the temple of Zoroastrism, is a visually stunning natural gas fire which blazes continuously on a hillside.

Flames jet out the air 10 feet (3.0 m) from a thin, porous sandstone layer. After excursion we will have dinner in a national restaurant.

-Transfer to the hotel. Free time.

Overnight stay in Baku



-After the breakfast we will drive to Gobustan

Reserve – an open-air museum famous for

Neolithic rock drawings. Just 65 km south of

Baku, Gobustan has some 4000 inscriptions that

date back to 12,000 years ago.Get to Gobustan


-After Gobustan Excursion we will drive to Bibi Heybat Mosque: a historical mosque built in the 1990’s

-We will lunch have in local Fish Restaurant.

-After lunch we will visit “Azer Elme” carpet weaving museum where guests will be able to see all procedure of carpet weaving and have opportunity to buy a carpets.


Day 4 : Shopping and Free time

-For any foreign tourist, the country’s arts and crafts section holds the maximum attraction. In various cities of Azerbaijan, there are streets that sell handicrafts, silk, and other artefacts local to the city. Prices of these products are not very expensive, but one needs to be careful against fake brands

Our Famous Shopping malls:

Ganjlik Mall

28 Mall

Park Bulvar


Port Baku Mall

Baku Mall

-Free Time



Day 5 : Transfer to airport


Price for 4* Hotels Price for 5* Hotels
Group Single Double Single Double
2 510 USD 430USD 765 USD 585 USD
4 385 USD 305 USD 640 USD 460 USD
6 345 USD 260 USD 6040 USD 420USD
10 320 USD 235 USD 570 USD 390USD
16 299 USD 215 USD 549 USD 370 USD
30 280 USD 200 USD 540USD 360USD

Included the price

Meals indicated in the program (BB)

Accommodation at the hotels

Transport service according the program

English speaking Guide service

Tickets to museums and other sightseeing


Price Not Included:


International flights tickets


Ateshgah & Yanardagh. Absheron tour

from 150 AZN / person


The program of the “Ateshgah & Yanardagh. Absheron tour” includes: Excursion to the Temple of Fire Worshippers – “Ateshgah” and the fiery mountain “Yanardagh” in the village Mehemmedli (duration 3.5 hours)


Ateshgah & Yanardagh. Absheron tour

All who have been at Baku, and almost all who have heard of Baku, know of the Temple of Eternal Fire Ateshgah (Atashgah), located 20 kilometers east of the town center. The territory is known thanks to such a unique nature phenomenon as ever burning outburst of natural gas (bursting out gas contacts wit oxygen and catches fire). The Temple, as it looks today, was built in the 17th – 18thcenturies.

Ateshgah is an Indian temple of fire worshipers in Azerbaijan, on the Apsheron Peninsula, on the outskirts of the village of Surakhany in Surakhani district, at various times revered by Zoroastrians, Hindus and Sikhs. Originated in the XVII – XVIII centuries. in the place of “eternal” unquenchable lights – burning outlets of natural gas [1], due to which the temple is called “Ateshgyah”, which means “House of Fire”, “Place of Fire”.

In the early 19th century the Temple acquired its present-day appearance. Ateshgah is a pentagonal structure with a castellation and entrance portal. In the center of a yard the altar-sanctuary executed in the form of a stone bower on which angles some more centers are located towers. In the center of an altar – a well from which beat “eternally” burning gas.

Ateshgah & Yanardagh. Absheron tour

Azerbaijan has been historically known as the Land of Fire because of its rich oil and gas resources. The natural fire that have been blazing in various parts of the country for millennia have greatly influenced the beliefs and traditions of the local people and has been celebrated in works of literature and art. An example of this natural phenomenon is found 25 kilometres from Baku, in a place known as Yanardagh located in the village of Mahammadli. The natural gas that seeps onto the surface gives this mountain (whose name  translates as ‘burning mountain’) its famous ‘burning’ look. In order to protect  Yanardagh and attract tourists here, this area was declared a historical, cultural and natural reserve in 2007. Today  Yanardagh reserve is a favourite destination for tourists visiting the country. The mountain appears to be covered in tongues of flame from its foot to its peak, resembling red tulips. At first, such an unusual sight may give a strange impression, but this feeling turns into fascination upon watching the fi re majestically seep out of the mountain core. 25 km from Baku



Included in the price:

– Tickets to museums
– Personal driver
– Professional guide

Tour price

group of 1-2 people – 150 AZN / group
group of 3-4 people – 180 AZN / group
group of 4-7 people – 240 AZN / group

Duzdag. Nakhchivan tour

from 125 AZN / person

The program of the “Duzdag. Nakhchivan tour” includes: Meeting guests, placing them in the hotel, Ashabi-Kahf Pilgrimage, State Historical and Architectural Museum “Xan Sarayı”, Möminə Xatın and Open Skies Museum, Qızlar Bulaıı spring, Nakhchivan MRI Physiotherapeutic Hospital (DuzDag), Visit to the Alinjagala etc.

Duzdag. Nakhchivan tour

The most illustrious and well appointed of place in Azerbaijan is Duzdag, burrowed into a peak a 15-minute drive outside of Nakhchivan.

Between 2006-2011, a joint Azerbaijani-French archeological expedition conducted research in Nakhchivan and concluded that the Duzdag mines (“Duz Dag” – salt mountain) are, most likely, the oldest in the world.

A 300-meter long tunnel so salt-rich that it’s all but crumbles when touched, Duzdag is famous largely due to the legends associated with it and for the ease of access created by its horizontal structure. Also, it is stunningly well-appointed: Bare halls have been adorned with marble latticework and wooden lodges have been built into the salt walls. All of the rooms – there are around 300 beds available – in the tunnel’s nine galleries are equipped with hotel amenities, and the broader complex includes recreational facilities. As a bonus, the entire treatment is bespoke for each patron. Most people come to stay for five- to six-day stretches at a time, but 200 or so daily patients also pass through for therapies and visitations that are specially arranged by on-site doctors.

As a bonus, the entire treatment is bespoke for each patron. Most people come to stay for five- to six-day stretches at a time, but 200 or so daily patients also pass through for therapies and visitations that are specially arranged by on-site doctors.

The prehistoric context, in combination with the creature comforts Duzdag offers, creates a bizarre but welcoming atmosphere unavailable anywhere else on Earth. Wandering through caves filled with lovely huts and true believers is less alienating than it is a shock to the system. This place seems more like a ‘Star Trek’ set than a retreat, but then the maid arrives.


Duzdag. Nakhchivan tour


09:00 – 10:00 Meeting of the guests
10:30 “Ashibi-Kahf Pilgrimage
13:00  Accommodation at the hotel
14:00 Lunch at the hotel
16:30 State Historical and Architectural Museum “Khan’s Palace”, Mоminа Xatın and open sky museum, the Qızlar Bulagı spring
17:30 Tea drinking – on the lake Bazar
18:30 – Nakhchivan Physiotherapeutic Hospital MR (DuzDag cave)
20:30 Dinner at the hotel


08:30 Breakfast at the hotel
10:00 Castle Alinjagala (or Batabat)
13:30 Visiting the mausoleum of the mausoleum (Batabat museum)
15:00 Lunch (restaurant “Badashqan”)
16:30 Riding Club (extra) – Tea Table
17:00 -19: 30 Departure of guests  Live music at night – at the hotel

Included in the price:

2 days 1 night in the hotel FB (morning lunch-dinner at the hotel)
Shuttle Service
Guide (in Russian, English, Arabic, Persian)
1 extra lunch in the restaurant Badashgan
3 times a tea break
Hotel “Avtovagzal” – 125 AZN (for person)
Grant-hotel – 135 AZN (for person) 3 stars
Hotel Tabriz – 155 AZN (for person) 5 stars
Hotel Duzdag – 160 AZN (for person) 5 stars

Prices are per person based on a group of 8 people

Not included in the price:

Air tickets (Baku-Nakhchivan-Baku)

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